Online Marketing for Charity

Doing charitable marketing or SEO for charities is one of the best and only ways to stand out from the millions of marketing companies that have risen since the invention of consumer computers, internet and pocket devices. Advertisers are everywhere and they are all qualified, creative and customer service excellent, but do they know The Secret? Do they know and practice the flow of giving and receiving? Here are 6 convincing reasons that giving your time and expertise away for free will reward you well while you are doing it and long after!

Time and Effort vs. Money, The Karma Magnifier

You might be asking yourself why you’d waste your time if you can just give financially to an organization or many. The answer is because your time is more valuable, more thoughtful and in your position as a business owner, more marketable. You get what you put in and if you’ve put your time and talent into a charity, the audience of your work will notice and speak volumes more about it. Your giving relationship with the charity is more interactive than passive, so then will be your interaction with all who take notice!

Word of Mouth

Giving financially is like an ad in the classifieds while giving your time is like a front page in full color with a bold headline that reads ìWe’re a good company!î. So you’ve given them something to talk about and now as directors, volunteers and donors of a non-profit or charitable organization, they are in the business of facilitating genuine engagement from the very people you want to know about your business. They are practically donating right back to you!

Portfolio Building

Many charities have an abundance of financial donations and have the means to pay a marketing company to design their campaigns. In the event you are commissioned for one of these projects, you will want experience to draw from and samples of work to provide them. Simply offering SEO for charities free of charge can open the floor to additional opportunities, even paid opportunities with charities you’ve already donated time to.

Your Brand’s Reputation

As stated in the introduction, advertising is highly saturated these days with not many avenues to separate one company from another. While the others are trying to be the trendiest, the loudest or the cheapest, you can be reaping the benefits of being the nicest. By doing SEO for charities, you will not only be giving to a worthy cause but building your own brand as well. A good brand that has done charity work in the past is Goliath Marketing, an seo expert in Toronto Canada.

Energize Your Own Team

Science endorses volunteering and tells us it reduces stress, promotes mental health and even increases the length of our lives. When this practice is engaged at the work place it can improve morale and bring colleagues closer, improving work performance and overall climate.

Tax Deduction

If you’re still unconvinced giving facilitates receiving, know that your time and money is tax deductible in the eyes of Uncle Sam.
In conclusion, if you’re not taking advantage of the opportunity to do SEO for charities you are practically throwing money away by ignoring the benefits it can offer your business. Find a business that needs your help, even if it is something minimal, the good you do will reap the rewards in the future. You may also secure a paying contact as a result of your charitable efforts!