Organizations that build homes for poor

Two Organizations That Build Homes For The Poor

Across the world, there are only three things that are eternal. Death, taxes, and the fact that there will be some people without homes. Different societies and cultures have different ways of dealing with this problem. Some societies create homeless shelters designed to help the homeless get back on their feet. Others create a social safety net that allows the homeless a chance to find a new home.

No matter how society chooses to deal with the problem, one thing is certain. If the homeless are to be housed, new houses have to be built. Unfortunately, building new houses can be expensive, and many for profit organizations balk at the idea. The homeless are notorious for not having money, and so it’s hard to sell them homes.

This is where organizations that build homes for the poor come in. There are several of them, far more than can ever be fully talked about. However, knowing a few of them can give you a good idea of what organizations you can donate your time and money towards if you’d like to help the homeless.

Habitats for Humanity

This is perhaps the best-known organization, and for good reason. It works both in the United States and internationally and has local offices in multiple states and countries. It’s also well known for its connection to former president Jimmy Carter, who is often said to be the only man to use the presidency as a stepping stone to greatness.

This organization works tirelessly in order to ensure the homes it builds are accessible to all in need. They build their homes out of local materials and to local specifications. That way, people won’t find themselves living in an uncomfortable home made for a completely different climate.

Home Works

Like Habitat for Humanity, Home Works is a non-profit organization. They don’t have the same reach as HoH, but they work to provide long-term housing for those in need. They are yet another great organization to aid, either through your time and labor or with financial donations.

There are many more, and if you’re truly dedicated to helping the poor it’s a good idea to look them up. There are many people in the world who need homes, and your aid can help fix the problem.

In addition, you should always contact your state and federal political leaders and tell them you want more support for such organizations. After all, the people receive the government they deserve, so only active participation can help solve these social problems.

Online Marketing for Charity

Doing charitable marketing or SEO for charities is one of the best and only ways to stand out from the millions of marketing companies that have risen since the invention of consumer computers, internet and pocket devices. Advertisers are everywhere and they are all qualified, creative and customer service excellent, but do they know The Secret? Do they know and practice the flow of giving and receiving? Here are 6 convincing reasons that giving your time and expertise away for free will reward you well while you are doing it and long after!

Time and Effort vs. Money, The Karma Magnifier

You might be asking yourself why you’d waste your time if you can just give financially to an organization or many. The answer is because your time is more valuable, more thoughtful and in your position as a business owner, more marketable. You get what you put in and if you’ve put your time and talent into a charity, the audience of your work will notice and speak volumes more about it. Your giving relationship with the charity is more interactive than passive, so then will be your interaction with all who take notice!

Word of Mouth

Giving financially is like an ad in the classifieds while giving your time is like a front page in full color with a bold headline that reads ìWe’re a good company!î. So you’ve given them something to talk about and now as directors, volunteers and donors of a non-profit or charitable organization, they are in the business of facilitating genuine engagement from the very people you want to know about your business. They are practically donating right back to you!

Portfolio Building

Many charities have an abundance of financial donations and have the means to pay a marketing company to design their campaigns. In the event you are commissioned for one of these projects, you will want experience to draw from and samples of work to provide them. Simply offering SEO for charities free of charge can open the floor to additional opportunities, even paid opportunities with charities you’ve already donated time to.

Your Brand’s Reputation

As stated in the introduction, advertising is highly saturated these days with not many avenues to separate one company from another. While the others are trying to be the trendiest, the loudest or the cheapest, you can be reaping the benefits of being the nicest. By doing SEO for charities, you will not only be giving to a worthy cause but building your own brand as well. A good brand that has done charity work in the past is Goliath Marketing, an seo expert in Toronto Canada.

Energize Your Own Team

Science endorses volunteering and tells us it reduces stress, promotes mental health and even increases the length of our lives. When this practice is engaged at the work place it can improve morale and bring colleagues closer, improving work performance and overall climate.

Tax Deduction

If you’re still unconvinced giving facilitates receiving, know that your time and money is tax deductible in the eyes of Uncle Sam.
In conclusion, if you’re not taking advantage of the opportunity to do SEO for charities you are practically throwing money away by ignoring the benefits it can offer your business. Find a business that needs your help, even if it is something minimal, the good you do will reap the rewards in the future. You may also secure a paying contact as a result of your charitable efforts!

Owner of a Concrete Cutting Company Speaks Out on Funding Education

This week, Jeremy Scott Founder of a Large Construction Service Company speaks out on:

4 Reasons Why Building Schools For The Poor Is The Best Kind Of Charity

Building schools for the poor is the best type of charity. If more people would build schools for the poor, the world would be a better place. Do you want to know why building schools for the poor is the best type of charity? If so, then read on.

1. They Receive Education- The best thing about building schools for the poor is they will have a place to go to in order to receive an education. An education is something that everyone needs and can benefit from, and if poor people receive an education, then they will gain a lot of knowledge. Receiving an education allows people to become more aware of the world, their local communities and they can go on to learn trades and about various subjects that will enrich their lives.

2. They Bond With Others- Schools are not only a place to receive education, but it is a place where bonds and friendships are formed. Sometimes the poor have no way of building friendships with others, but if they attend school, they will receive an education and the chance to make bonds with other students. Students also bond with teachers and other educators. Sometimes the bonds people make at school last a lifetime, and those bonds can benefit people in many ways, and this is why building schools for the poor is the best kind of charity.

3. Improve Odds Of Improving Their Lives- As previously mentioned, students are sometimes able to learn trades and skills while they attend school, and in turn this improves their odds of improving their lives. It doesn’t matter how poor a person is, if they receive a decent education, and they continue their education, then they will likely go on to land good jobs and be productive members of society. Some may even start their own business and make a huge difference in their own communities and the rest of the world. This is another reason why building schools for the poor is one of the best types of charity.


4. It’s Invaluable- Another reason why building schools is the best type of charity for helping the poor is it is invaluable. Receiving a good education allows people to better themselves, getaway from their home life for a little while, establish friendships and go on to help their communities. When my concrete cutters went through the training i provided it helped them immensely in their private lives also.  Plus, schools prepare people for the world ahead of them and teaches them many things that will stick in students’ heads for many years to come and sometimes a lifetime. Also, most schools are free to attend, which means students will receive an invaluable experience, but keep in mind that some schools, such as universities and trade schools, do cost money to attend.

If you want to get involved with helping the poor, then join a charity that builds schools for the poor. You don’t have to actually build anything, but donations can go a long way. Now you know why building schools for the poor is the best type of charity

Why Volunteer For Building Projects In Underdeveloped Countries.

Can you imagine yourself not owning a comfortable home? Living in the streets may be hard to picture, especially if you have the good fortune of having a great job that enables you to pay the bills and have a few luxuries on the side.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of communities across the globe that do not have access to basic infrastructure and facilities. People from these places desperately need the help of both government and private institutions just so they can have somewhere to go home to each night. If you want to help out, you may choose to become a volunteer for building projects in underdeveloped countries.


Construction Of Basic Infrastructure


Most developing communities lack basic infrastructure that are vital to the lives of their residents. Millions of people in different areas of the world find themselves sleeping in the streets and not having access to clean water. There are also communities that do not have enough classrooms to educate their youth. Fortunately, there are numerous building efforts from volunteer organizations that aim to create sustainable development for developing nations. A company that loves helping in the construction of housing for under developed countries is concrete pumping melbourne.


Reasons To Volunteer For Building Projects


There is no better feeling than using your time to help other people in need.  Can get an opportunity to be completely immersed in the local community. They can stay with host families, allowing them to experience what people from developing countries go through each day. The building projects are made possible with the help of these types of  fantastic companies. Please feel free to check out this concrete pump hire  channel so show support and encourage other companies to do the same.


It also pays to learn that volunteering for building projects not only benefit the people from underdeveloped countries. Businesses also build large social followings with the use of social media . There many examples of the construction line/boom pump hire company doing this.  You can also grow as a person by taking on these endeavors. Yes, you would get your hands dirty and sweat a lot for several days. But all this is well worth it once you see the glow in the eyes and the smiles in the faces of the soon-to-be homeowners.


It is worthy to note that building projects are not limited to the construction of houses. Some projects may involve creating schools, community centers and playgrounds. You can have a unique opportunity to build an entire community from scratch, something you can be proud of for the rest of your life.


Where To Find Volunteer Work?


There are countless organizations that accept volunteers for building projects abroad. In most cases, they organize community building and development projects in different underdeveloped countries including South Africa, Jamaica and Senegal. Be sure to check out the official website of the organization to see the list of countries they support.


Are There Any Requirements?


If you are planning to become a volunteer, you should understand that you don’t need any prior experience in building. All the necessary skills will be taught by local experts. However, you should make sure that you are physically fit to be able to carry out the different tasks involved in creating houses and other structures. You must be willing to work with people from different cultures and adapt to shifting work schedules.


As the old adage goes, nothing beats the heart of a volunteer. By helping in the construction of houses in underdeveloped countries, you can get to appreciate the small things in life and make better use of your free time.

Looking At The Business Benefits Of Giving To Charity

Anyone who pays attention to the news knows that there are plenty examples of a business donating to charity. There are many different forms this can take from fundraisers to direct donations to even sponsoring a charity, there are many good reasons for a business to look at donating to charity.


#1: Have To Love Those Tax Deductions

There’s no question that having tax deductions will help lower that final bill owed to the taxation officw. Any donations made to charity can be deducted off the tax bill, giving a company considerable savings off the bottom line of what is owed and while also buying some goodwill in their community.


#2: Free Positive Press & Good Will

Speaking of good will, how often do you get free good press for a tax deduction? It’s not very often, and this benefits the company not just as a PR boost – but it gets that company and that brand into the papers, on the Internet, and on the local news. That spreads a positive message about the business and can create a goodwill that eventually leads to additional customers or recommendations from word of mouth references will come out of that.


Good will and positive press are hard to find, and donating to charity is a great way to get both. For some businesses the only work they do that might be considered locally news worthy is hiring, firing, or charity so it really pays off to embrace the third one there.


#3: The Simple Good It Does

Many of the richest CEOs in the world who built companies from the ground up believe firmly in the sheer importance of giving back. There is something to be said about karma and the good feeling that comes from doing something good. That good feeling can lead to more appreciation of those around you, and that gets passed down through the work ranks. In the same way one bad apple can ruin a bunch, in a business setting when the higher ups feel good, everyone feels good and that leads to better workers who are more productive.


#4: Good Bonus For Young Workers

Many Gen-X and Millennial generation workers look for benefits and a certain culture from a company. To many of them, being able to do community service or volunteer every so often isn’t a chore, it actually is a bonus that will attract them to a job and to being happy with working where they’re at. One way or another, businesses who want to succeed will have to find away to attract and keep young talent and this is a great way to do it.


In Conclusion

There are many good reasons to donate to charity as a business, and these four only scratch the surface of all the great reasons and options out there. There are so many different ways to get involved with charity and social work, so your business is certain to find one that works for you.

Different Types Of Charity Campaigns – Your Ultimate Guide


If you’re curious to learn more about the different types of charity campaigns we support, then this guide has the answers you’re looking for. In particular, we are going to highlight a few of the different types of charity campaigns that we encourage:

Environmental charities


First of all, charities that are dedicated to helping the environment will usually fall under two main categories, which include natural centres and parks, as well as environmental protection and conservation charities.


These charities are primarily focused on promoting nature conservation, as well as sustainable practices that are healthier for the environment in general. As we target mainly construction industries, we promote companies that are taking extra steps to look after our environment!


Animal charities


There’s no denying how wonderful animals can be, and most people are aware that certain species are under threat due to a variety of causes – some of which are man-made.


An animal charity will be dedicated to educating the public about these extinction threats, as well as creating systems for conserving wildlife in their natural habitats. In some cases, an animal charity will also focus on hunting and fishing, and its common to find charities dedicated to pet welfare as well.


Health charities


Perhaps one of the biggest form of charity you are ever likely to hear about our health charities – and whether they are focused on treating the sick, the disabled, or looking for a solution to an incurable disease, health charities have a lot of work to perform.


Many of these charities will be singularly focused on a specific disease or disorder while others will promote medical research in general. It’s also common to see charity campaigns that are dedicated to supporting patients and family members who may be suffering from a health condition.


Art and culture charities


When it comes to cultural heritage and art, it’s safe to say that art and culture charities are at the forefront of preserving our historic creativity and artistic identities.


Many museums around the world are supported by charities, but a culture charity can also be involved in public broadcasting, libraries, and even the performing arts. While there are a fewer art and culture charities around compared to other branches of charity, they certainly perform a great deal of important work.


Educational charities

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.56.50 PM

A charity that is dedicated to improving education will often focus on a specific age group, with the most common focus being on young children in areas of the world that are not fortunate enough to benefit from a complete education. However, there are also variety of charities dedicated to educating adults, prisoners, and more.


It is also common for an educational charity to support University and colleges, as well as struggling high schools and private elementary schools.

Construction Companies who give to Charity

Whilst companies in construction get caught up in building better infrastructure for our future. We often overlook giving back in other ways that isn’t to do with “building” as such but rather giving to less fortunate kids beyond our borders. This is a site that is dedicated to putting a spotlight on companies who give to charity, and also acts as a channel where like minded people can see how there companies can help kids in need.

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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