Organizations that build homes for poor

Two Organizations That Build Homes For The Poor

Across the world, there are only three things that are eternal. Death, taxes, and the fact that there will be some people without homes. Different societies and cultures have different ways of dealing with this problem. Some societies create homeless shelters designed to help the homeless get back on their feet. Others create a social safety net that allows the homeless a chance to find a new home.

No matter how society chooses to deal with the problem, one thing is certain. If the homeless are to be housed, new houses have to be built. Unfortunately, building new houses can be expensive, and many for profit organizations balk at the idea. The homeless are notorious for not having money, and so it’s hard to sell them homes.

This is where organizations that build homes for the poor come in. There are several of them, far more than can ever be fully talked about. However, knowing a few of them can give you a good idea of what organizations you can donate your time and money towards if you’d like to help the homeless.

Habitats for Humanity

This is perhaps the best-known organization, and for good reason. It works both in the United States and internationally and has local offices in multiple states and countries. It’s also well known for its connection to former president Jimmy Carter, who is often said to be the only man to use the presidency as a stepping stone to greatness.

This organization works tirelessly in order to ensure the homes it builds are accessible to all in need. They build their homes out of local materials and to local specifications. That way, people won’t find themselves living in an uncomfortable home made for a completely different climate.

Home Works

Like Habitat for Humanity, Home Works is a non-profit organization. They don’t have the same reach as HoH, but they work to provide long-term housing for those in need. They are yet another great organization to aid, either through your time and labor or with financial donations.

There are many more, and if you’re truly dedicated to helping the poor it’s a good idea to look them up. There are many people in the world who need homes, and your aid can help fix the problem.

In addition, you should always contact your state and federal political leaders and tell them you want more support for such organizations. After all, the people receive the government they deserve, so only active participation can help solve these social problems.

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