Owner of a Concrete Cutting Company Speaks Out on Funding Education

This week, Jeremy Scott Founder of a Large Construction Service Company speaks out on:

4 Reasons Why Building Schools For The Poor Is The Best Kind Of Charity

Building schools for the poor is the best type of charity. If more people would build schools for the poor, the world would be a better place. Do you want to know why building schools for the poor is the best type of charity? If so, then read on.

1. They Receive Education- The best thing about building schools for the poor is they will have a place to go to in order to receive an education. An education is something that everyone needs and can benefit from, and if poor people receive an education, then they will gain a lot of knowledge. Receiving an education allows people to become more aware of the world, their local communities and they can go on to learn trades and about various subjects that will enrich their lives.

2. They Bond With Others- Schools are not only a place to receive education, but it is a place where bonds and friendships are formed. Sometimes the poor have no way of building friendships with others, but if they attend school, they will receive an education and the chance to make bonds with other students. Students also bond with teachers and other educators. Sometimes the bonds people make at school last a lifetime, and those bonds can benefit people in many ways, and this is why building schools for the poor is the best kind of charity.

3. Improve Odds Of Improving Their Lives- As previously mentioned, students are sometimes able to learn trades and skills while they attend school, and in turn this improves their odds of improving their lives. It doesn’t matter how poor a person is, if they receive a decent education, and they continue their education, then they will likely go on to land good jobs and be productive members of society. Some may even start their own business and make a huge difference in their own communities and the rest of the world. This is another reason why building schools for the poor is one of the best types of charity.


4. It’s Invaluable- Another reason why building schools is the best type of charity for helping the poor is it is invaluable. Receiving a good education allows people to better themselves, getaway from their home life for a little while, establish friendships and go on to help their communities. When my concrete cutters went through the training i provided it helped them immensely in their private lives also. ┬áPlus, schools prepare people for the world ahead of them and teaches them many things that will stick in students’ heads for many years to come and sometimes a lifetime. Also, most schools are free to attend, which means students will receive an invaluable experience, but keep in mind that some schools, such as universities and trade schools, do cost money to attend.

If you want to get involved with helping the poor, then join a charity that builds schools for the poor. You don’t have to actually build anything, but donations can go a long way. Now you know why building schools for the poor is the best type of charity

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